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Loreto possesses nearly 155 miles of coastline, 465 square miles of sea and 14 islands. The Sierra La Giganta mountain range, one of the tallest and most spectacular in Baja, overlooks the town of Loreto and creates breathtaking panoramic vistas.

The land is rich with unique plant and animal life and the water teems
with aquatic life, creating unlimited eco-touristic opportunities.

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Loreto Medio Maratón 21 K

El Gobierno Municipal de Loreto, La asociación Hoteles y prestadores de servicios turísticos de Loreto A. C. y el Instituto...

Golf in Loreto

The field of golf of Loreto is located in Nopoló, 9 kms to the South of the village. It is...

Explore the islands of Loreto

Just outside the coast of Loreto are five desert islands just waiting to be explored. Among the most popular are...


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