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Loreto is a small city of approximately 17,000 people that sits on the east coast of Baja California, facing the Sea of Cortez.

It was the first Spanish settlement on the Baja California Peninsula and is the starting point for the historic.

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How i discovered the best kept secret in…

Here is a quick quiz.  Can you guess where this place is based on these hints? This town sits on the...

Visiting the place where the mountains c…

Loreto has often been described as “the place where the mountains come to swim”.  One needs only to gaze over...

Golf in Loreto

The field of golf of Loreto is located in Nopoló, 9 kms to the South of the village. It is...


Loreto Medio Maratón 21 K

El Gobierno Municipal de Loreto, La asociación Hoteles y prestadores de servicios turísticos de Loreto A. C. y el Instituto...

October 26th: Food & Wine event at t…

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